The National Association of Blind Veterans

Pictured Above Is Our Own Father John R. Sheehan NABV'S National Chaplain and Board Member
My good friend Father John has announced his retirement from our organization effective December 2016 at the latest. Father John has been a truely wonderful addition to our team and we will miss him when he finally departs. It is rare  when God puts such a talented individual in your life and I have been blessed with his presence. He has traveled for me when I couldn't, he has stepped up and worked on our National Conventions both singing when needed  and leading our Color Guard at the last minute. He sells raffle tickets like nobodies business rivaling our fearless treasurer Allen Bornstein. I can say that he has been a great friend and a joy to work with. His ability to step up and have a great cigar just about anytime I ask him to was just superb.We will have a tough time finding such a talented and giving board member, not to mention National Chaplain. Father John we wish you many of GODS Blessings in your future and we pray he will keep you safe and sound for many years to come.
Pictures from our 2015 National Convention:
 First up is  Brad Loos and Dwight Sayer presenting  the Winner Carol Jenkins from Nebraska her winning check from our 2015 Honor Our Hero's Raffle.
Second is our 2015 Color Guard. Third is  a picture  of Dwight Sayer  President of the NABV at the Podium conducting  the Honor Our Hero's Ceremony.

Blind Veterans Home Page

Welcome to the National Association of Blind

Veterans web site. We hope you enjoy exploring

this  action packed  site as  we have filled it with as much information about  blindness and blind veterans as we could possibly find. We are a group of Blind and Sighted Veterans along with friends and interested

associates that support the issues and challenges

of Blind Veterans. This site is intended to further

the opportunity of our group to interact with the

expanding world around us.

The Presidents Message,

Please reach out to your Senators Office in Washington DC and ask them to get on board and co/sponsor S2251, which allows 100 percent service connected disabled veterans to access the Space A program on Military Aircraft. This is the best way to fix the wrong when 100 percent service connected disabled veterans were left out of the program.

2015 National Meeting is over and was one of the best ever.

Below is the Honor Guard Comprised  of The NABV Members At The 2014 National Celebration of Freedom At the Rosen Center Hotel

Above is the Certificate Presented with the Glengarry Regimental Cap presented  at the Shades of Green Armed Forces Recreation Center at Disney.

This was our exhibit at the Orange County Convention Center for the National Association of Blind Veterans 2015 Convention
Father John Sheehan rallying the Troops gathered  for the Color Guard!
The National Association of Blind Veterans now performs its own Honor Guard duties from members of the organization. This picture left of the text  shows them gathered with Father John Sheehan our National Chaplain who called the Colors at this years National Convention. Our thanks go out those who participated in the Color Guard 2015.
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